Bloombergs Gurman: Apple Likely Not Working on New HomePod mini Smart Speaker

Bloombergs Gurman: Apple Likely Not Working on New HomePod mini Smart Speaker

Bloomberg‘s Mark Gurman says we likely will not see a new version of Apple’s HomePod mini smart speaker. In the latest edition of his “Power On” newsletter, Gurman shared that he believes Apple is not “actively working” on a second-generation ‌HomePod mini‌:

After the debut of a new full-sized HomePod, many users started asking well-nigh an update to the mini model. But at this point, I don’t believe that Apple is urgently working on such as product. The latest HomePod doesn’t include any major new functions that aren’t once in the $99 mini, so there isn’t an obvious reason to update the model. Sure, it would be nice to get increasingly colors, a cheaper price, and largest sound and microphones, but the real improvements probably need to be made on the when end — with Siri and app integration.

Apple unveiled the HomePod mini when in October 2020. Less than six months later, the Cupertino firm discontinued the original HomePod, leaving the HomePod mini as Apple’s sole smart speaker until last week, when the full-sized HomePod speaker made a return.

The new HomePod is 6.6-inches tall and weighs 5.1 pounds, compared to 6.8-inches and 5.5 pounds for the first-generation model. Both models are 5.6 inches wide. The new HomePod moreover has two fewer tweeters and microphones compared to the original model. The original HomePod was equipped with the A8 tweedle from the iPhone 6, while the new model has the S7 tweedle from the Apple Watch Series 7.

HomePod can listen for smoke and stat monoxide alarms, and send a notification directly to the user’s iPhone if a sound is identified. The new seated temperature and humidity sensor can measure indoor environments, so users can create automations that tropical the blinds or turn on the fan automatically when a unrepealable temperature is reached in a room.