Apple to make messaging between iPhones and Androids easier

Apple to make messaging between iPhones and Androids easier
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Apple to make messaging between iPhones and Androids easier
Nov 17, 2023

Apple plans to introduce a messaging standard that will enable a smoother messaging experience between iPhone and Android devices, which has long been a point of contention with rival Google.

For years, Apple has refused to allow its products to work with devices not designed under its umbrella , a dynamic illustrated by the green background that characterizes discussions from iPhone to Android.

The scenario will likely persist, but Apple's use of Rich Communication Services (RCS) starting next year could allow playback confirmations between the two operating systems and other resources. iMessage remains exclusive to iPhone and other Apple devices.

“Later next year we will add support for RCS Universal Profile, the standard currently published by the GSM Association. “We believe RCS Universal Profile will provide better interoperability than SMS or MMS,” Apple said in a statement first published by 9to5Mac. Pressure on us We have supported the RCS standard for years, even as Alphabet's Google and others have lobbied the iPhone maker to adopt the technology. Last year, a reporter whose mother used an Android device asked Apple CEO Tim Cook whether the company would improve relations between the two. "Buy your mom an iPhone," Cook joked, adding, "I don't think our users would ask us to put a lot of energy into introducing RCS."

Com With RCS, considered the industry standard for messaging, users can, among other things, send and receive high-quality photos and videos, chat via Wi-Fi or mobile data, and know when messages have been read . On the other hand, sharing images and videos between Android and iPhone currently compromises the quality of the media. Messages between iPhone and Android, unlike iMessages between iPhone or messages sent via WhatsApp, are not encrypted and therefore more vulnerable to spying.

In response to Apple's announcement, Google said it was "pleased to see Apple take the first step toward joint adoption of RCS today." » Google has also promised to work with Apple to implement the standard.

Last year, Google launched an advertising campaign for Android called "Get the Message" , urging Apple to adopt RCS. and blames Apple for the malfunction. The Android campaign website even states: "Sending text messages between iPhones and Android phones is like using old-fashioned technology, because that's exactly what it is: Apple refuses to 'accept modern SMS standards'

The day before Apple's RCS announcement, phone company Nothing announced that its Android phones would support iMessage through a new feature. Carl Pei, CEO of Nothing, declared victory on Twitter/X Thursday afternoon with a quote from former Apple CEO Steve Jobs following Apple's statement.

Apple regulators also European Union to put pressure on Apple. Apple had to argue before the EU on Thursday that iMessage should not be considered a "basic service" under the Digital Services Act. If it were considered a basic service, regulators would could legally force Apple to open its ecosystem.