Apple Smart Ring: rumours, release date and what to expect

Apple Smart Ring: rumours, release date and what to expect
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Apple Smart Ring: rumours, release date and what to expect
Mar 21, 2024

A ring to complement or replace your Apple Watch? Let's take a look at all the Apple Ring rumors and get an idea of what this new wearable could bring.

When will Apple Ring launch?

With Samsung's Galaxy Ring expected later this year, it's no surprise that we'll be hearing rumors about the so-called Apple Ring as well. The problem is that, unlike Samsung's ring, Apple's ring has not yet been announced or even commented on by the company.

Patents aside, the existence of the Galaxy Ring is the reason why we believe in Apple Ring. It is true. Samsung is a big competitor, so Apple doesn't want to give its fans a reason to turn to Samsung for their desire for smart rings.

In addition to health monitoring features, The A- Ring will easily appeal to fans already integrated into the Apple ecosystem when it is positioned as a controller (or something similar) for the iPhone or Vision Pro.

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Release date expected by Lifewire

We assume Apple Ring will appear in 2026. There aren't enough leaks or rumors to support a date compared to the previous publication.

Rumors about the price of Apple rings

One of the reasons why Apple could develop a smart ring means offering an inexpensive wearable device for users who don't want to miss out on an Apple Watch. But if you're familiar with Apple products, you know they're not cheap.

If this ring were marketed as some sort of alternative to the Apple Watch, it could cost less than the Apple Watch. HE; So the price could be less than $250. Fingers crossed, but in reality it's probably not that affordable.

We expect the Apple Ring to cost between $300 and $500. To illustrate, Oura launched its ring in 2015 and the cheapest model still costs $300.

Apple Ring Features

The capabilities of a smart ring are limited because only a limited amount of hardware can fit into a technology that can be wrapped around a finger. However, it might be very interesting to see what Apple does with this hardware.

The only thing we can base our ideas on at this early stage are rumors, dreams and expectations based on existing knowledge. those based on wrestling. Below are some examples of the features we can see in Apple Ring:

  • Sleep tracker: Wear it to bed to see how long and well you've slept.
  • Fitness and health tracking: Record walking steps, swimming laps, heart rate and body temperature.
  • Mobile payment: When connected directly to your iPhone, Apple Pay is right at your fingertips.
  • Action button: Like Apple Watch Ultra, Apple Ring can provide quick access to your phone's features. By swiping or tapping, you can mute your phone's ringer, trigger an emergency call, or control the selfie camera's zoom.
  • Phone feedback: Unique vibrations for specific callers can identify who is on the other end without having to answer the phone.
  • Vision Pro Remote: The Apple Ring can act as a sort of mouse for navigating the Vision Pro headphones. Built-in motion detection can also help the headphones work more accurately, especially in dark environments.

Apple Ring specs and hardware

Delete Although These details are not yet known, the Apple Ring is just a rumor. By looking at how other companies make their smart ring versions, we can get an idea of how Apple's version is likely to work.

The ring will undoubtedly have an accelerometer to measure movement. This would allow him to see if you have fallen and if you need help. It can also track your steps, detect when you exercise, and record bad sleep habits.

More sensors are integrated into the bottom of the ring (the part that touches the skin) to monitor your heart rate and body temperature.

This data is sent to your phone and displayed as graphs and summaries in the Apple Health app.

A big advantage of a smart ring is that it doesn't require as much power to operate as a smart watch or smartphone. We're not sure about the Apple Ring's battery capacity, but if other wearables like the Oura Ring are comparable, you can expect it to last about a week on a full charge.

This is also obvious and we can verify it. While the wearable isn't called the Apple Ring, the patent was filed by Apple, so it might hint at what they're working on. According to the patent, the following illustration is a “sectional view of an illustrative device mounted on a user's finger, according to one embodiment. » It says it may have “force sensors, accelerometers and other sensors” for haptic output. devices.

If the Apple Ring is real, we will hear more rumors and discover leaks over time through its various stages of development. We'll keep an eye on these details and add them here.