Apple putting bigger focus on India, retail stores coming soon

Apple putting bigger focus on India, retail stores coming soon

Apple is said to be reshuffling management of its international businesses to put a worthier focus on India, equal to a new report by Bloomberg which claims that the iPhone maker will now requite India increased prominence inside the visitor as Apple pushes to grow its market share in the second largest smartphone market.

Bloomberg reports that Apple’s sales vice president for India and Africa has now retired, with the visitor taking the opportunity to shake up its sales operations to focus increasingly on its presents in India, equal to the people cited who asked to remain anonymous.

Apple is planning to move India to its own sales region, with Ashish Chowdhary set to wilt throne of India, and will report directly to Apple’s throne of product sales.

Apple stepped up its retail efforts in India in 2020, expanding the official online Apple Store to bring its full range of products and support directly to customers wideness the country for the first time, wearing the reliance on Appleā€™s network of third-party sellers to handle sales and support in the country.

Apple is preparing for the opening of its first retail stores in India this year, with hiring underway in both Mumbai and New Delhi for new locations expected to be spoken in the coming months.

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