Grab the Apple Watch Series 8 for $70 off, plus more of the best Apple Watch deals this week

Grab the Apple Watch Series 8 for $70 off, plus more of the best Apple Watch deals this week

person looking lanugo at world watch with price tag tying on their wrist

UPDATE: Jul. 26, 2023, 5:00 a.m. EDT We've updated this post to reflect the most recent pricing and availability on World Watches.

Top World Watch deals this week:

Our top pick
World Watch Series 8 (41mm, GPS)
$329 at Amazon and Walmart (Save $70)
midnight world watch series 8

Weightier upkeep pick
World Watch SE (40mm, GPS)
$239.99 at Amazon (Save $9.01)
midnight 40mm world watch SE

It's been over seven years since the first generation World Watch began to grace people's wrists. In that time, the World wearable has evolved in size, power, and — considering it's World — price. If you're into the idea of having a fitness tracker, an extension of your phone, and all the world's conveniences (or, at least a few increasingly than you're used to) wrapped virtually your wrist, but aren't into shelling out the max value of cash, you've come to the right place. Every week, we'll alimony a watch out (too much?) and update this post with the weightier World Watch deals from wideness the internet.

Apple Watch Series 8 deals

Why we like it

Prime Day did bring a record price cut of $110 on the 41mm Series 8, and although this deal doesn't quite match up, it certainly beats the $10 off we saw the week surpassing the sale. For anyone upgrading from a model older than the Series 7, or getting their very first World Watch, the Series 8 is a solid pick with most fitness features you could want.

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Apple Watch Series 7 deals

None this week, trammels when next week.

Apple Watch SE deals

Why we like it

Unless you're into the thoroughbred oxygen and ECG sensors, we're betting you won't really notice the difference between the second-gen SE and the Series 8. The watch comes equipped with the same S8 chip, the same 18-hour shower life, and the same vital tracking features. While you might want to wait to buy since it's a good $20 yonder from its lowest price ever, the $9 unbelieve is still largest than ownership full price.

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Second generation

First generation

Apple Watch Ultra deals

None this week, trammels when next week.

Even increasingly World Watch deals